Empty Inkjet Qualifying Price List

To qualify for PAYMENT follow the shipping requirements below 

20 or more items or 20-65 lbs. from the New Unused and Empty Inkjet & Laser Toner Qualifying Price Lists

(i.e. 10 Inkjets + 5 laser toners + 5 new unused laser toners + 5 new unused inkjets = 20 combined Items per shipping box using 1 shipping label)

“Empty Inkjet Price” – To receive this price, the cartridge must be intact upon arrival &
cannot be an introductory or starter cartridge that come with purchase of new printers

PLEASE DO NOT SEND INKJETS THAT ARE NOT LISTED BELOW. Please package inkjets separate from toners in the same shipping box. Use packing material around injets to be sure electronic strips don’t rub against other items and get damaged.

Damaged inkjets receive no payment.

We pay for limited number of remanufactured inkjets.  See Remanufactured (Twice Used) on bottom of page.

If an inkjet is not listed below, we do not pay for it.

Prices Effective – October 7, 2017

Print Updated Price List

We do not accept Toner Bottles/Tubes or Remanufactured/Compatible Laser Toner Cartridges. PLEASE DO NOT SEND

Toner Tubes

Toner Tube

Toner Bottles

Toner Bottle