USED LAser Toner Qualifying Price List


                  We we will no longer be able to recycle Empty laser toner cartridges Starting Jan 1st 2019.

          The cost to ship them and the decline in the market for remanufactured  cartridges have been a loss

          for our company. We will offer to purchase them in large quantities by going to the ReRepurpose page.

          We will still be purchasing the new unused Toner cartridges,new Unused  inkjet cartridges, Laptops, 

          Used/empty Inkjet cartridges and even more items on retech repurpose page.


                                     To qualify for Payment follow the program requirements by choosing option 1 or 2 

                                               1)  Collect 25 or more items per box from our QUALIFYING PRICE LISTS                          

                                                For example: 5 NEW Laser Toners + 5 NEW Inkjets + 14 USED inkjets + 1 Laptop   

                                              2)  Ship $50.00 or more in products per box from our QUALIFYING PRICELISTS 

                      We do not pay for or accept the following.  If you send you may not receive payment for your order 

                       has Toner Bottles or Toner Tubes Remanufactured, replacement or premium compatible toners

                       Laser Toners that do not match the model numbers on our price list 

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                                                     “Empty Laser Toner Price”  To receive the price below:     

                                                 Cartridge must be intact upon arrival meaning no damage or breakage                                                                                                                              Cannot be an introductory or starter cartridge that come with purchase of a new printer



                                                                                         Jan 11, 2019

Empty Toners
*CE250 X 504X
$. 75
Hp CF450A
*CE251A 504X  CE252A  CE253A  504A
$. 75
Hp Cf451A
*HPCC364A (Series P4014/P4
$ .75
HP CF452A$ 1.00
*HPCC364X (Series P4015/P4515)
$ 1.50
HPCF453A$ 1.00
HPCE255X (Series P3015)
$ 1.00
HPCF460A$ 1.00
HPCE390A (Series M4555)
$ 0.50
HPCF460X$ 1.00
HPCE390X (Series M4555)
$ 1.50
HPCF461A$ 1.00
*HPCE400X (507A) (Series M551) (Non-Starter ONLY)
$ 0.15
HPCF462A$ 1.00
*HPCE401A (507A) (Series M551) (Non-Starter ONLY)
$ 0.15
HPCF463A$ 1.00
*HPCE402A (507A) (Series M551) (Non-Starter ONLY)
$ 0.15
HPCF470A$ 1.00
*HPCE403A (507A) (Series M551) (Non-Starter ONLY)
$ 0.15
HPCE505X (Series P2035/2055)
$ 1.00
HPCE741A (307A) (Series 5225)
$ 0.00
HPCE742A (307A) (Series 5225)
$ 0.00
HPCE743A (307A) (Series 5225)
$ 0.00
HPQ1338A (Series 4200)$ 3.75
HPCF226A (Series M402 MFP/M426)
$ 2.00
HPQ5942A (Series 4250/4350$ 0.50
*HPCF226X (Series M402 MFP/M426)
$ 6.50
HPQ5942X (Series 4250/4350)$ 0.50
HPCF280X (M401/M425)$ 1.00HPQ5950A (Series 4700) B$ 0.75
HPCF281A$ 0.25HPQ5951A (Series 4700) C$ 0.75
HPCF281X$ 1.75HPQ5952A (Series 4700) Y$ 0.75
HPCF287A$ 3.00HPQ5953A (Series 4700) M$ 0.75
*HPCF287X$ 4.00HPQ6460A (Series 4730) B$ 0.10
*HPCF360X Black and Colors$ 0.25HpQ6460A (Series 4730) B$0.10
*HPCF360X  CF361X   CF362X  CF363X Colors$ 0.25HpQ6461A  (Series 4730) C$0.10
HPCF450A$ 1.00HPQ6462A (Series 4730) Y$ 0.10

HPQ6463A (Series 4730) M$ 0.10

*HPQ6511X$ 0.05

We do not accept Toner Bottles/Tubes or Remanufactured/Compatible Laser Toner Cartridges. PLEASE DO NOT SEND

Toner Tubes

Toner Tube

Toner Bottles

Toner Bottle