Nonprofit Recycling Fundraiser

Recycling Advantage provides a great opportunity with its non-profit recycling fundraiser, allowing organizations of all kinds to earn cash through recycling empty inkjet cartridges, new unused printer cartridges and laptops.  Partnership in our FREE recycling fundraiser offers a unique opportunity by allowing your organization to reduce the environmental impact your community has on the world.


The Recycling Advantage non-profit recycling fundraiser is as simple as:

1. Collect +  2. Promote +  3. Ship = Earn Cash!



  • Collect empty Inkjet Cartridges, unused New Printer Cartridges,  Laptops and Electronics.


2. Promote

  • Website Place our website link on your organization’s website so staff and potential supporters can learn about your Recycling Program. 
  • Use our blurb in red or our newsletter ideas on the bottom of the Fundraising Ideas page: 

    We are recycling to raise funds.  Please collect used inkjets, new unused printer cartridges & laptops from home, family, friends, & office and place them in our recycling bin.  Thank you!

  • GET THE WORD OUT  Post and distribute flyers to increase awareness.  See more awesome  tips: Learn more about Promoting
  • COLLECTION SITE  Place a collection receptacle in your existing recycling area OR set up RECYCLING COLLECTION area in an easy to find location in your facility


All you need to qualify for the FREE shipping program is send a 25 or more items or $50.00 or more in product from our Quallifying Pricelists. See Qualifying Price Lists.

  • Follow the Recycling Advantage Shipping Guidelines to package your qualified recyclable items efficiently.
  • Using the FREE UPS return labels provided, ship your package to Recycling Advantage for processing.


  • Within 30 days, a check will be issued for your qualified printer cartridges and electronics.
  • To receive payment please send  $10.00 minimum in product value.  

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