Recycling Advantage for Businesses

Creating a better tomorrow one business at a time 

Whether motivated by a green initiative or extra funding....

Recycling Advantage is the ideal partner for Individual’s and businesses both large and small. Partnership in our FREE recycling for cash program, offers a unique opportunity to help reduce the environmental impact your community has on the world.

How the Business Program Works

Get Started

First, decide what you want your earnings to be used for.  A good cause will help promote participation.

  • To help defray costs for printing supplies
  • Choose your favorite charity to donate proceeds to
  • Company project or employee slush fund

How it Works

Set Up

Designate a location to collect your recyclable items. Choose a high traffic area that everyone can easily spot and get to. Request a flyer to place on your receptacle and also use as a poster to promote your program.

Spread the Word

Utilize email or text blasts. Let staff know about your recycling project and encourage them to participate. Print our flyers to post throughout the facility.


Use your website to spotlight and promote your recycling fundraiser. You can also place our website link on your organizations website so staff and potential supporters can learn about your recycling program and view pricelists of items that can be collected.


Collect from different departments. For added earnings have staff bring in from home. Be sure to verify that we buy the items you have collected by referencing our Buy Back lists.


All you need to qualify for the FREE shipping program is $20 or more in qualifying items! We encourage you to collect more than $20.00 if you can so you can earn a higher payment and help us conserve shipping costs and keep our recycling prices up. Order a label when you qualify.

Get Paid!

Around 30 days from the date we receive your shipment we will send your recycling check for your qualified used or new printer cartridges and laptops.

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