Laptop Qualifying Price List

We Purchase Many Brands of Laptops 

Request a Shipping Label

To qualify for PAYMENT follow the program requirements below

*25 or More Qualified items per box/label or $20.00 or more in items from the combined pricelists *
(i.e. 15 empty inkjets Cartridges + 4 new unused Laser Toners + 3 new unused Inkjets + 3 Laptops  = 25 Combined Items per shipping box/shipping label) 

Working definition– Is Fully functional, may have minor blemishes or markings. 

Non -Working– Doesn’t power on. May have minor exterior defects such as missing keys.  Screen cannot be cracked or bleeding.

 Although we prefer to have hard drives, power cords and batteries,  you will receive payment even if those items aren’t included.  We will wipe or destroy the hard drives. If you have more than 10 working laptops, contact us on our Tech Repurpose page or call for a quote to see if we can offer higher payment.



Model Working Non-Working Model Working Non-Working
Intel – 7 Processor $ 17.00 $1.00  Apple Macbook Air/Pro I Series 2013 or newer $ 8.00 $1.00
Intel – 5 Processor $ 8.00 $1.00 All Brands Core 2/Dual Core p1P2 P3 P4 PM $ 0.0  $0.0
Intel – 3 Processor $ 3.00 $1.00