USED LAser Toner Qualifying Price List


     We will only recycle Empty laser Toner cartridges with a minimum quantity of 200 or more, that are on our buyback price list. If you have a large amounts of other items that we purchase, We can purchase a lessor amount, if you fill out the list found on the request shipping label page. It is found in the Qualify and ship tab. The cost of shipping a large Toner cartridge has gone up, to where it have been a loss for our company. Shipping with a freight liner in larger quantities instead of the small parcel packages will allow us to purchase them.They must be on our Price list below. Thanks for helping us and help keep the landfills.                                  

        We will still be purchasing new unused Toner cartridges, new Unused inkjet cartridges,Laptops,empty Inkjets and                Cellphones 

                      We do not pay for or accept the followingToner Bottles/Toner Tubes,Remanufactured, replacement or premium         compatible toners. AlsoLaser Toners that do not match the model numbers on our price list. If you send you may not receive payment for your order. 

Request a Shipping Label                                


                                                     “Empty Laser Toner Price”  To receive the price below:     

                                                 Cartridge must be intact upon arrival meaning no damage or breakage                                                                                                                              Cannot be an introductory or starter cartridge that come with purchase of a new printer                                                                                                                                                                       

                                                                                         May 17, 2019

Empty Toners
HP05X (HPCE505X)$.75
HP26A (HPCF226A)$2.00
HP26X (HPCF226X)$7.00
HP37A (HPCF237A)$1.75
HP37X (HPCF237X)$2.25
HP55X (HPCE255X)$1.00
HP64A (HPCC364A)$0.75
HP64X (HPCC364X)$1.50
HP80X (HPCF280X)$1.00
HP81A (HPCF281A)$0.25
HP81X (HPCF281X)$1.50
HP87A (HPCF287A)$3.60
HP87X (HPCF287X)$5.50
HP90A (HPCE390A)$0.50
HP90X (HPCE390X)$1.50
HP11X (HPQ6511X)$0.05
HP201X (HPCF400X)$0.50
HP201X (HPCF401X)$0.50
HP201X (HPCF402X)$0.50
HP201X (HPCF403X)$0.50
HP305X (HPCE410X)$0.25
HP307A (HPCE740A)$0.25
HP307A (HPCE741A)$0.25
HP307A (HPCE742A)$0.25
HP307A (HPCE743A)$0.25
HP38A (HPQ1338A)$4.50
HP410X (HPCF410X)$0.25
HP410X (HPCF411X)$0.25
HP410X (HPCF412X)$0.25
HP410X (HPCF413X)$0.25
HP42A (HPQ5942A)$0.75
HP42X (HPQ5942X)$0.50
HP504A (HPCE250A)$0.50
HP504X (HPCE250X)$1.00
HP504A (HPCE251A)$1.00
HP504A (HPCE252A)$1.00
HP504A (HPCE253A)$1.00
HP507A (HPCE400A)$0.30
HP507X (HPCE400X)$0.30
HP507A (HPCE401A)$0.30
HP507A (HPCE402A)$0.30
HP507A (HPCE403A)$0.30
HP508X (HPCF360X)$0.30
HP508X (HPCF361X)$0.30
HP508X (HPCF362X)$0.30
HP508X (HPCF363X)$0.30
HP647A (HPCE260A)$0.25
HP648A (HPCE261A)$0.25
HP648A (HPCE262A)$0.25
HP648A (HPCE263A)$0.25
HP648X (HPCE260X)$0.25
HP655A (HPCF450A)$1.00
HP655A (HPCF451A)$1.00
HP655A (HPCF452A)$1.00
HP655A (HPCF453A)$1.00
HP656A (HPCF460A)$1.00
HP656X (HPCF460X)$1.00
HP656A (HPCF461A)$1.00
HP656X (HPCF461X)$1.00
HP656A (HPCF462A)$1.00
HP656X (HPCF462X)$1.00
HP656A (HPCF463A)$1.00
HP656X (HPCF463X)$1.00
HP657A (HPCF470A)$1.00
HP657X (HPCF470X)$1.00
HP657A (HPCF471A)$1.00
HP657X (HPCF471X)$1.00
HP657A (HPCF472A)$1.00
HP657X (HPCF472X)$1.00
HP657A (HPCF473A)$1.00
HP657X (HPCF473X)$1.00
HP642A (HPQ5950A)$0.75
HP642A (HPQ5951A)$0.75
HP642A (HPQ5952A)$0.75
HP642A (HPQ5953A)$0.75
HP644A (HPQ6460A)$0.10
HP644A (HPQ6461A)$0.10
HP644A (HPQ6462A)$0.10
HP644A (HPQ6463A)$0.10

We do not accept Toner Bottles/Tubes or Remanufactured/Compatible Laser Toner Cartridges. PLEASE DO NOT SEND

Toner Tubes

Toner Tube

Toner Bottles

Toner Bottle