What We Buy

1. Collect $20.00 or more in any products from the pricelists below. 
2. Once you have verified that you have $20 worth in items, click on “Request a Shipping Label” at the bottom of this page.  

*Prices may change monthly so please check the pricelist each time you ship.  You receive the price that is on the website the day we receive your shipment.


If you know what brand and model # of the empty inkjet printer cartridge that you have, please use the search function at the top of each table.

HP 15$5.00
Hp 15 C6615A/D$5.00
HP 20$.10
Hp 21$.00
HP 22$.25
HP 26$.00
hp 27$.00
HP 28$.00
Hp 51604A$.10
HP 40 Black$.25
HP 45$1.50
HP 51645A$1.50
Hp 51645 G-U$1.50
Hp 56$.00
Hp 57$.25
Hp 58$.00
HP 60 Black$.30
HP 60 Color$.50
HP 60XL Black$.50
HP 60XL Color$.60
HP 61 Black$.60
HP 61 Color$1.20
HP 61XL Black$.75
HP 61Xl Color$1.35
HP 62 Black- Reg & Setup$.80
HP 62 Color- Reg & Setup$1.00
HP 62XL Black$1.00
HP 62XL Color$1.60
HP 63 Black Reg & Setup$.60
HP 63 Color Reg & Setup$1.00
HP 63XL Black$1.00
HP 63XL Color*$1.50
HP 64 Black$.50
HP 64 Color$.75
HP 64XL Black$1.00
HP 64XL Color$1.20
HP 65 Black Reg & Setup$.75
Hp 65 Color Reg & Setup$.80
Hp 65Xl Black$1.00
Hp 65XL Color$1.20
*Hp 67 Black$.75
*Hp 67 Color$.75
*HP 67 Black XL$1.00
*Hp 67 Color XL$1.40
*Hp 67 Black XXL$1.40
*Hp 67 Color XXL$1.40
Hp 78$.00
Hp 93$.00
HP 95$.00
HP 96$.10
Hp 97$.05
HP 701$.30
HP 901 Black$.40
HP 901 Color$.50
HP 901XL Black$.40
HP 901 Color XL$.40
HP 910 XL Black All Colors$.00
Hp 990A Black$.05
Hp 990A Color$.05
Hp 990XL Black$.10
Hp 990XL Colors$.10
Hasler/Neopost Double1.50
Pitney Bowes 787-1$.0
Hp C6195A$1.50
Collins Inks$1.50
Versatile HPC8842A$1.50
Hp Q2392A$1.50
Hp 6120A$1.50
Hp CB961A$1.50
Canon CL211$.60
Canon CL211XL$.60
Canon CL241$1.20
Canon CL241XL$1.40
Canon CL244$1.60
Canon CL246$1.70
Canon CL246XL$2.00
Canon CL261$1.70
Canon CL261XL$2.00
Canon CL31$.25
Canon CL41$.25
Canon CL51$.05
Canon PG210$.40
Canon PG210 XL$1.00
Canon PG240$.75
Canon PG240 XL$1.10
Canon PG240 XXL$1.25
Canon PG243$1.20
Canon PG245$1.20
Canon PG245 XL$1.40
Canon PG260 BK$1.25
Canon PG260XL BK$1.50
Canon PG30$.25
Canon PG40$.15
Canon PG50$.15
Reman Canon CL211XL$.05
Reman Canon CL241$.10
Reman Canon CL241XL$.10
Reman Canon CL246$.20
Reman Canon CL246XL$.20
Reman Canon CL244XL$.10
Reman Canon PG240*$.10
Reman Canon PG240XL$.10
Reman Canon PG243$.10
Reman Canon PG245$.20
Reman Canon PG245XL$.20
Reman HP 15 C6615$.60
Reman HP 45 51645$.60
Reman HP 60/60XL Black $0.00
Reman HP 60/60 XL Color$0.00
Reman HP 61 Black (CH561WN)$.05
Reman HP 61 color (CH562WN)$.05
Reman HP 61XL Black$.10
Reman HP 61XL Color$.10
Reman HP 62 Black$.10
Reman HP 62 Color$.10
Reman HP 62XL Black$.10
Reman HP 62XL Color$.10
Reman HP 63 Black$.05
Reman HP 63 Color$.05
Reman HP 63XL Black*$.10
Reman HP 63XL Color*$.10
Reman HP 64 Black$.10
Reman HP 64 Color$.10
Reman HP 64XL Black$.10
Reman HP 64XL Color$.10
Reman HP 65 Black$.10
Reman HP 65XL Black$.10
Reman HP 65 Color$.10
Reman HP 65 XL Color$.10
Reman Hp 67 Black$.10
Reman HP 67 color$.10
Reman HP 67XL Black$.10
Reman HP 67XL Color$.10

Have $20 Worth of Items to Ship?


To qualify for PAYMENT follow the program requirements below;

Collect $20.00 or more in items from the combined pricelists *

Working definition– Is Fully functional, may have minor blemishes or markings.

Non -Working– Doesn’t power on. May have minor exterior defects such as missing keys.

We will wipe or destroy the hard drives. If you have more than 10 working laptops, call for a quote to see if we can offer a higher payment

Intel – i7 Processor $20.00$1.00
Intel - i5 Processor$10.00$1.00
Intel - i3 Processor$3.00$1.00
Apple Macbook Air/Pro I Series 2013 or Newer$20.00$1.00
All Brands Core 2/Dual Core P1,P2,P3, P4,PM Will take but don't payWill take but don't pay

Then let’s get this party started, request a shipping label today!