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1. Collect and verify from the pricelist Below that you have $25.00 OR MORE of any items we purchase. 

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empty inkjet cartridges

If you have quantities of more than 500 cartridges, or $500 dollars worth or more, Call or email for special pricing. greg@advantagecartridge.com   260-438-5212

If you send $100.00 or more, you will receive a $10.00 bonus.     Prices updated on Aug 2023

We Pay The Same For Empty & Unused

HP 15$2.25
Hp 15 C6615A/D$2.25
Hp 28$.05
HP 40 Black$.25
HP 45$2.25
HP 51645A$2.25
Hp 51645 G-U$2.25
HP 60 Black$.30
HP 60 Color$.00
HP 60XL Black$.30
HP 60XL Color$.05
HP 61 Black$.40
HP 61 Color$.30
HP 61XL Black$.50
HP 61Xl Color$.30
HP 62 Black- Reg $1.10
HP 62 Color- Reg $1.25
HP 62 Black Setup$.25
HP 62 Color Setup$.25
HP 62XL Black$1.40
HP 62XL Color$1.50
HP 63 Black Reg $.50
HP 63 Black- Set Up$.25
HP 63 Color Reg $.30
HP 63 color-Set Up$.15
HP 63XL Black$.60
HP 63XL Color*$.35
HP 64 Black$1.10
HP 64 Black-Set Up$.50
HP 64 Color$1.10
HP 64 Color-Set Up$.30
HP 64XL Black$1.25
HP 64XL Color$1.40
HP 65 Black Reg $.25
HP 65 Black-Set Up$.25
Hp 65 Color Reg $.25
HP 65 color-Set Up$.10
Hp 65Xl Black$.50
Hp 65XL Color$.35
*Hp 67 Black$1.00
*Hp 67 Color$.90
*HP 67 Black XL$1.10
HP 67/67XL Black Setup$.50
*Hp 67 Color XL$1.00
*Hp 67 Black XXL$1.10
*Hp 67 Color XXL$1.00
HP 67/67XL/Color Setup$.30
HP 78$.00
HP 96$.10
Hp 97$.05
HP 901 Black $.25
HP 901 Color$.05
HP 901XL Black$.25
Neopost/Hasler Double$1.50
Hp C6195A$2.25
Hp 45$2.25
Collins Inks$2.25
HP C8842A$2.25
Hp Q2392A$2.25
Hp C6120A$2.25
Hp CB961A$2.25
Hp C2344$2.25
Hp C2353$2.25
Hp C2392$2.25
Hp C2510$2.25
Hp C2580$2.25
Hp C5152$2.25
Hp Fol95$2.25
Canon CL211$.20
Canon CL211XL$.20
Canon CL241$.75
Canon CL241XL$1.00
Canon CL244$1.00
Canon CL246$1.00
Canon CL246XL$1.00
Canon CL261$1.60
Canon CL261XL$1.70
Canon CL276$1.60
Canon CL276XL$2.00
Canon CL31$.10
Canon CL41$.10
Canon PG210$.30
Canon PG210 XL$.40
Canon PG240$.90
Canon PG240 XL$.90
Canon PG240 XXL$1.00
Canon PG243$.75
Canon PG245$.75
Canon PG245 XL$.75
Canon PG260 BK$1.25
Canon PG260XL BK$1.50
Canon PG275 BK$1.50
Canon PG275XL$1.50
Canon PG30$.15
Canon PG40$.15
Canon PG50$.05
Reman Canon CL246$.05
Reman Canon CL246XL$.05
Reman Canon CL244$.05
Reman Canon PG243$.05
Reman Canon PG245$.05
Reman Canon PG245XL$.05
Reman HP 15 C6615$.75
Reman HP 45 51645$.75
Reman HP 61 Black$.00
Reman HP 62 Black$.10
Reman HP 62 Color$.10
Reman HP 62XL Black$.10
Reman HP 62XL Color$.10
HP 63XL Black$.00
Reman HP 64 Black$.05
Reman HP 64 Color$.05
Reman HP 64XL Black$.05
Reman HP 64XL Color$.05
Reman HP 65XL Black$.00
Reman HP 65 XL Color$.00
Reman Hp 67 Black$.05
Reman HP 67 color$.05
Reman HP 67XL Black$.05
Reman HP 67XL Color$.05

Have $25 OR MORE Worth of Items to Ship?


To qualify for PAYMENT follow the program requirements below;

Collect $25.00 OR MORE in items from the combined pricelists *

Working definition– Is Fully functional, may have minor blemishes or markings.

Non -Working– Doesn’t power on. May have minor exterior defects such as missing keys.

We will wipe or destroy the hard drives. If you have more than 10 working laptops, call for a quote to see if we can offer a higher payment

Recycle Laptops
Intel – i7 Processor $15.00$1.00
Intel - i5 Processor$5.00$.25
Intel - i3 Processor$2.00$0.00
Apple Macbook Air/Pro I Series 2013 or Newer$15.00$.25

Then let’s get this party started, request a shipping label today!

Although We don’t purchase Empty Laser Toners, we will purchase new in box cartridges. If you have 5 or more new unused, email or call 

greg@advantagecartridge.com   260-438-5212