Empty Inkjet Qualifying Price List

The Recycling Advantage Qualifying Empty Inkjet Price list below includes the model numbers for the items we accept and pay for. Please help us keep our recycling prices up by sending only the items listed.  

 We do not pay for Damaged Inkjets so please use packing material around the inkjets to be sure electronic strips do not get scratched,  dented or torn.

 Please ship at least 25 items on our price lists or $20.00 or more in product from our combined price lists.

Please click on Qualify and Ship above to view additional shipping quantities, packing information and request shipping labels.

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 * If you have quantities of 200 or more, you may qualify for higher volume pricing. Click on Tech Repurpose from drop down menu to fill out form .                                                                                                                                  May 17- 2021 Prices are updated monthly.

Empty Inkjet
ModelEmpty Inkjet Price
Canon CL211$.75
Canon CL211XL$.75
Canon CL241$1.20
Canon CL241XL$1.50
Canon CL244$1.75
Canon CL246$1.75
Canon CL246XL$2.00
Canon CL261$2.00
Canon CL261XL$2.00
Canon CL31$.40
Canon CL41$.40
Canon CL51$.15
Canon PG210$.40
Canon PG210 XL$1.00
Canon PG240$1.00
Canon PG240 XL$1.25
Canon PG240 XXL$1.25
Canon PG243$1.25
Canon PG245$1.50
Canon PG245 XL$2.00
Canon PG260 BK$1.75
Canon PG260XL BK$2.00
Canon PG30$.30
Canon PG40$.30
Canon PG50$.15
Model Hewlett PackardEmpty Inkjet
HP 51604A$.05
HP 15$5.00
Hp 15 C6615A/D$5.00
HP 20$.10
Hp 21$.10
HP 22$.25
HP 26$.15
hp 27$.10
HP 28$.20
Hp 51604A$.05
HP 40 Black$.25
HP 45 $1.50
HP 51645A$1.50
Hp 51645 G-U$1.50
Hp 56 $.05
Hp 57 $.25
Hp 58 $.05
HP 60 Black$.50
HP 60 Color$.50
HP 60XL Black$.50
HP 60XL Color$.75
HP 61 Black$.60
HP 61 Color$1.20
HP 61XL Black$.75
HP 61Xl Color$1.35
HP 62 Black- Reg & Setup$1.00
HP 62 Color- Reg & Setup$1.00
HP 62XL Black$1.00
HP 62XL Color$1.50
HP 63 Black Reg & Setup$.75
HP 63 Color Reg & Setup$1.25
HP 63XL Black$1.25
HP 63XL Color*$1.60
HP 64 Black$1.00
HP 64 Color$1.00
HP 64XL Black$1.25
HP 64XL Color$1.25
HP 65 Black Reg & Setup$.75
Hp 65 Color Reg & Setup$1.00
Hp 65Xl Black$1.00
Hp 65XL Color$1.50
*Hp 67 Black$1.00
*Hp 67 Color$1.00
*HP 67 Black XL$1.50
*HP 67 Black XXL$1.50
*Hp 67 Color XL$1.50
Model Hewlett PackardEmpty Inkjet Price
Hp 78 $.05
Hp 93$.05
HP 95$.05
Hp 97$.05
HP 701$.30
HP 901 Black$.50
HP 901 Color$.50
HP 901XL Black$.50
HP 910 XL Black All Colors$.05
Hp 990A Black$.10
Hp 990A Color$.10
Hp 990XL Black$.10
Hp 990XL Colors$.10
**Postal Cartridge**
Hasler/Neopost Double $2.00
Pitney Bowes 787-1.0
Hp C6195A$1.50
Collins Inks $1.50
Versatile HPC8842A1.50
Hp Q2392A$1.50
Hp 6120A$1.50
Hp CB961A$1.50
Reman Canon CL211XL$.10
Reman Canon CL241$.10
Reman Canon CL241XL$.10
Reman Canon CL246$.10
Reman Canon CL246XL$.10
Reman Canon CL244XL$.10
Reman Canon PG240*$.05
Reman Canon PG240XL$.10
Reman Canon PG243$.10
Reman Canon PG245$.10
Reman Canon PG245XL$.10
Reman Canon PG246$.10
Reman Canon PG246XL$.10
Reman HP 15 C6615$.75
Reman HP 45 51645$.75
Reman HP 60 Black$0.00
Reman HP 60 Color$0.00
Reman HP 61XL Black$.10
Reman HP 61XL Color$.10
Reman HP 62 Black$.10
Reman HP 62 Color$.10
Reman HP 62XL Black$.10
Reman HP 62XL Color$.10
Reman HP 63 Black$.10
Reman HP 63 Color$.10
Reman HP 63XL Black*$.10
Reman HP 63XL Color*$.10
Reman HP 64 Black$.10
Reman HP 64 Color$.10
Reman HP 64XL Black$.10
Reman HP 64XL Color$.10
Reman HP 65 Black$.10
Reman HP 65XL Black$.10
Reman HP 65 Color$.10
Reman HP 65 XL Color$.10