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Connecting people and causes, by fostering community and greater environmental stewardship

Partnership with Recycling Advantage is a great way for schools and other non-profit organizations to earn cash!

Recycling Advantage provides a simple program that helps to reduce the environmental impact your community has on the world while earning money through collecting and recycling inkjet cartridges and laptops.

Our green fundraiser offers an opportunity to get Community involvement through staff, members, students and business collecting for your cause.



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Fundraiser Recycling Program

Let us help you earn green by going green with our free recycling fundraiser ideas!
Whether you are a school, church, charity, group, troop, club, individual, or business learn more about how to increase your electronics recycling earnings today.

How it Works

Follow the steps below for a successful recycling program

Set Up & Collect

Designate a location to collect your recyclable items. Choose a high traffic area that everyone can easily spot and get to. Use our flyer to place on your receptacle and also use as a poster to promote your program. You can find these on the Promote your program button above.

Get the Word Out

Let everyone know about the fundraiser and encourage them to participate. Place a blurb on your website and in your newsletter. Send an email or text blast, letting staff, members, students and others know to collect for your cause.


You can also place our website link on your website so staff and potential supporters can learn more and see the items that can be collected. If you add the link, we will give you $20.00 on your check, the next time you send in.


All you need to qualify for the FREE shipping program is $25 or more in qualifying items! We encourage you to collect more than $25.00 if you can so you can earn a higher payment and help us conserve shipping costs and keep our recycling prices up. Go to shipping and request a label.

.Make sure you have registered
.Check your items before you ship, on our buy Pricelist.