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We buy used inkjet cartridges! Our recycling program is a great way to fundraise for your local church, school, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals! Recycling ink cartridges are a great way to get paid and keep them out of the landfill. Most people have an ink printer in their home or office. This is one of the simplest ways to raise funds. All you have to do is let everyone know and wait for your collection box to fill up and get paid.

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Our program is simple, once submit our form, someone from our team will reach out to you with information for our recycling program! 

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  3. Collect Minimum of $25
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Great For Schools, Non Profits, and Churches

Collect your ink cartridges from office, staff, members, and students!

Our Fundraising Community

Raised $1,234 to date

We are very pleased with Recycling Advantage. We have used them for many years. We collect ink cartridges via a drop-off bin at the church. All proceeds benefit our Youth Group Mission Program.

Earn Money For Your Cartridges

Our Incentive Program

At Recycling Advantage we want to make recycling inkjet cartridges as simple and lucrative for you as possible! We take used and empty cartridges. Along with laptops! We have two incentive programs available. 

  • Orders Over $100 get $10 bonus when you buy!
  • Orders $400 get a special price list! 
cash for cartridges

Setting The Standard

The leading provider of printer ink cartridge recycling for cash programs

Advantage Cartridge Co., Inc. has been in the ink cartridge recycling industry for 28 years. Businesses, individuals, schools, and nonprofit organizations can collect the small empty Canon and HP inkjet cartridges and Laptops and  earn cash through our “Recycling Advantage” program. Our recycling program has recycled, and paid cash for millions of empty ink cartridges and laptops. We have developed successful and simple ink recycling fundraisers for all types of organizations. Our recyclers have been successful by simply doing one thing. Getting the word out to people inside and outside of your organization. Before you know it, you have one of the simplest ways to raise funds and keep items out of the landfill at the same time. 


Forging Alliances

Ink Cartridge Recycling:
Why It's Important

Inkjet cartridges are made of a complex blend of plastic, metal, foam and ink which does not make them suitable to be collected with your local paper and plastic recycling. 

Throwing them in the trash is not a good option either as it takes between 450 and 1,000 years to decompose in landfills and Inkjets can release compounds and metals that pollute the soil.

Fortunately, the materials can be recycled and reduce pollutants going into the environment. 

The inkjets that you send to us for recycling are remanufactured and used as a compatible/replacement cartridges.

 Save our environment and make money doing good!


Ink Cartridges Recycled
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HP 15$1.10
Hp 15 C6615A/D$1.10
HP C8842A$1.10
Hp 28$.05
HP 45$1.10
HP 51645A$1.10
Hp 51645 G-U$1.10
HP 60 Black$.30
HP 60 Color$.10
HP 60XL Black$.45
HP 60XL Color$.10
HP 61 Black$.55
HP 61 Color$.30
HP 61XL Black$.60
HP 61Xl Color$.30
HP 62 Black- Reg $1.10
HP 62 Color- Reg $1.10
HP 62 Black Setup$.25
HP 62 Color Setup$.25
HP 62XL Black$1.25
HP 62XL Color$1.25
HP 63 Black Reg $.55
HP 63 Black- Set Up$.25
HP 63 Color Reg $.35
HP 63 color-Set Up$.15
HP 63XL Black$.60
HP 63XL Color*$.35
HP 64 Black$1.10
HP 64 Black-Set Up$.30
HP 64 Color$1.10
HP 64 Color-Set Up$.30
HP 64XL Black$1.25
HP 64XL Color$1.25
HP 65 Black Reg $.55
HP 65 Black-Set Up$.25
Hp 65 Color Reg $.35
HP 65 color-Set Up$.10
Hp 65Xl Black$.70
Hp 65XL Color$.45
*Hp 67 Black$1.00
*Hp 67 Color$.90
*HP 67 Black XL$1.10
HP 67 Black Setup$.25
*Hp 67 Color XL$.90
HP 67 Color Setup$.25
HP 78$.10
HP 96$.10
HP 901 Black $.25
HP 901 Color$.10
HP 901XL Black$.30
Canon CL211$.30
Canon CL211XL$.30
Canon CL241$1.00
Canon CL241XL$1.00
Canon CL244$.70
Canon CL246$.70
Canon CL246XL$.70
Canon CL261$1.60
Canon CL261XL$1.60
Canon CL276$1.60
Canon CL276XL$1.75
Canon CL31$.10
Canon CL41$.10
Canon PG210$.30
Canon PG210 XL$.40
Canon PG240$.90
Canon PG240 XL$.90
Canon PG240 XXL0.90
Canon PG243$.70
Canon PG245$.70
Canon PG245 XL$.75
Canon PG260 BK$1.25
Canon PG260XL BK$1.40
Canon PG275 BK$1.50
Canon PG275XL$1.50
Canon PG30$.15
Canon PG40$.15
Canon PG50$.15
Reman Canon 211 $.10
Reman Canon CL246$.10
Reman Canon CL246XL$.10
Reman Canon CL244$.10
Reman Canon CL261$.10
Reman Canon CL261XL$.10
Reman Canon CL276$.10
Reman Canon CL276XL$.10
Reman Canon PG243$.10
Reman Canon PG245$.10
Reman Canon PG245XL$.10
Reman Canon PG260$.10
Reman Canon PG260 XL$.10
Re,am Canon PG275$.10
Reman Canon PG 275XL$.10
Reman HP 15 C6615$.60
Reman HP 45 51645$.60
Reman HP 61 Black$.00
Reman HP 62 Black$.10
Reman HP 62 Color$.10
Reman HP 62XL Black$.10
Reman HP 62XL Color$.10
Reman HP 63XL Black$.10
Reman HP 64 Black$.10
Reman HP 64 Color$.10
Reman HP 64XL Black$.10
Reman HP 64XL Color$.10
Reman HP 65XL Black$.10
Reman HP 65 XL Color$.00
Reman Hp 67 Black$.10
Reman HP 67 color$.10
Reman HP 67XL Black$.10
Reman HP 67XL Color$.10
Labeling/Mailing/PostalEMPTY INKJET PRICES
HP C8842A$1.10
Hp 45$1.10
Hp 51645A$1.10
Hp C6195A$1.10
Hp C6170$1.10
Hp 6120$1.10
Hp 6125$1.10
Hp 15$1.10
Hp Fol95$1.10
Max 2/3$1.10
Collins Inks$1.10
Solvent $1.10
Hp Q2392A$1.10
Hp CB961A$1.10
Hp C2344$1.10
Hp C2353$1.10
Hp C2392$1.10
Hp C2510$1.10
Hp C2580$1.10
Hp C5152$1.10
Hp C1918$1.10
Hp 6169$1.10
Hp 6168$1.10
Twk 1396$1.10
Twk 1961$1.10
Hp B3F58b$1.10
CM 500$1.10
CM 557H$1.10
Spot Red$1.10
All twice used$.60
Neopost/Hasler Double$.75
Neopost/Hasler Single$.75
Quadient Single/Double$.75