How to Identify Remanufactured and Introductory, Trial and Starter Laser Toners

Due to the high cost of shipping, Toner Tubes/Bottles and  Remanufactured or twice Used Laser Toners are not included as a qualifying item with Recycling Advantage.  These are laser toners that have already been reused.  Unfortunately, many laser toners can only go through the remanufacturing process one time and then must be recycled through end-of-life processing.
Follow the guide below on how to identify remanufactured laser toners and OEM laser toners.

We do not accept Toner Bottles/Tubes or Remanufactured/Compatible Laser Toner Cartridges. PLEASE DO NOT SEND

Toner Tube

Toner Tubes

Toner Bottle

Toner Bottles

Compatible Laser Toner Cartridge

Compatible Toners


New / OEM Laser Toners LabelsOEM Laser Toner Labels

The labels on OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Laser Toner cartridges will clearly identify the manufacturer of the cartridge.  The laser toner cartridges that we accept and pay for are made by one of the following companies Brother™, Canon™, Dell™, HP (Hewlett Packard)™, IBM™, or Lexmark™.

Remanufactured Laser Toners Labels
Reman Laser Toner Labels

The labels on remanufactured or twice used cartridges may contain words other than the OEM name such as; Replaces, Remanufactured, Compatible, Quality Performance, Premium, Used for, and/or Office Depot™.  If it contains any of the above terminology, it is a not included for as a payable item.  Please do not send remanufactured laser toners in your electronics recycling shipment.

If you are having trouble on how to identify remanufactured laser toners, please feel free to contact customer service for additional assistance.

Brother™, Canon™, Dell™, HP (Hewlett Packard)™, IBM™, or Lexmark™ and other names and logos are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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