Learn how to earn cash through recycling used/new printer cartridges and electronics with Recycling Advantage.

1. Collect.

New Unused Inkjet Qualifying Price List Image Laptop Recycling | Tablet Recycling Inkjet Recycling blank
  • Collect used Ink cartridges and laptops AND new unused Printer cartridges. 
  • Set up location to collect recyclable items. See Examples.
  • Inform participants about your Recycling Advantage program. Learn more about Promoting.
  • Website Place our website link https://recyclingadvantage.com/ on your organization’s website so staff and potential supporters can learn about your Recycling Program.  Use our blurb below in red or our newsletter ideas on the bottom of the Fundraising Ideas page: https://recyclingadvantage.com/recycling-fundraiser-ideas/ 

    We are recycling to raise funds.  Please collect used inkjets, new unused printer cartridges & laptops from home, family, friends, & office and drop them off outside the office in our recycling bin.  Thank you!

What We Recycle

  • Used Inkjet Cartridges
  • New, Unused Printer Cartridges
  • Laptops

2. Ship.

Free Electronics Recycling Shipment
  • All you need to qualify for the FREE shipping program is 25 qualifying items AND a minimum of $10.00 in product OR $50.00 dollars of qualified items. See Qualifying Price Lists.
  • Follow the Recycling Advantage Shipping Guidelines to package your qualified recyclable items efficiently.
  • Using the FREE UPS return labels provided, ship your package to Recycling Advantage for processing. Items need to be on our buy back list.

3. Get Paid!

Electronics Recycling Shipment Payment

Recieve a check for your qualified used or new printer cartridges and electronics.

Increase your Earning Potential

Whether you are new to Recycling Advantage or have been recycling with us for over 20 years. We would love to help you grow your recycling program and increase your earnings.  In order to help you along the way, feel free to contact the Recycling Advantage customer service team.  No time for a call? Check out our Fundraising Tips online for some great ideas on to how to earn cash through recycling.