Nonprofit Recycling Fundraiser
Recycling Advantage provides a great opportunity with its non-profit recycling fundraiser, allowing organizations of all kinds to earn cash through recycling printer cartridges and electronics. Partnership in our FREE recycling fundraiser offers a unique opportunity by allowing your organization to reduce the environmental impact your community has on the world.


Free Recycling AdvantageCompletely Free! With no start-up costs AND we provide free collection and marketing materials, Recycling Advantage is better than free.


Recycling Advantage Green SupportThe Recycling Advantage customer service team is here to help. Speak with a knowledgeable and caring program advisor to get your Recycling Advantage program growing!


Involve Community SupportAsk local businesses to show their community support! By donating their printer cartridges, company cell phones, obsolete laptops, and other electronics, local businesses can help fund your cause.


The Recycling Advantage non-profit recycling fundraiser is as simple as:

1. Collect, 2. Ship, 3. Earn Cash!


  • Set Up Location to Collect Recyclable Items. See Examples.
  • Inform staff and other supporters of your organization about your Recycling Advantage program. Learn more about Promoting.
  • Collect Printer Cartridges and Electronics.




  • Within 30 days, a check will be issued for your qualified printer cartridges and electronics.
  • There is a $15 minimum for payment to be issued.  If your payment is under $15, your Recycling Advantage earnings will be banked until they accumulate to the minimum payment of $15.

Save more today!

In addition to our Non-profit recycling fundraiser,  we offer the opportunity for you to save up to 50% off of your printer cartridge purchases!  We can offer extremely low prices base on our unique relationship in the printer cartridge recycling industry.  Check out our Cartridge Deals page for more information.