Recycling Advantage offers any individual, student or family, a unique opportunity to help the environment and put some cash in your pocket!

Since there are no-out-of pocket expenses, recycling empty ink cartridges for cash is a great resource for earning extra income, whether to lower your printing costs or to put toward buying new ink cartridges! Recycling Advantage also buys and recycles used laptops. You can mix empty inkjet printer cartridges and laptops to qualify for a free shipping label sent directly to you. 

Recycling Advantage buys your empty inkjet cartridges, laptops, new unused laster toners, and new unused inkjet cartridges.
Simply go to the price list below and if you have a total of $20 in items to sell to us, we’ll send you a shipping label, at no cost. Once your items are received, we’ll check in the items and send you money! It’s that simple. 
Once you have verified that you have $20 in items,  then go to the registration page

For new unused laser toners and new unused inkjet cartridges call 800-706-9941
or email to tell us what you have.

Empty InkJet Printer Cartridges