We purchase New Laser Toner Cartridges

We purchase and accept ALL Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) New Sealed Box          Laser Toners for the box colors listed in the pricing below for:

Brother, Canon, Dell, HP, Lexmark and Xerox

NEW Laser Toner Pricing for SEALED Original BOX  

Brother: Box Color-Dark Blue with White $4.00

Canon: Box Color- White with Dark Red$4.00

Dell: ALL box colors-$4.00

HP: Black & White Box and Light Blue and White Box-$5.00

Lexmark: Black box-$4.00

Xerox: Box Color-All except OLD White-$4.00

CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR HIGH VOLUME PAGE if you have 7 or more SEALED IN ORIGINAL BOX of the MANUFACTURERS ABOVE: http://recyclingadvantage.com/retechrepurpose-program/

NEW Laser Toner Pricing for SEALED in Original manufacturer BAG 

Brother: with or without box-$.50

Canon:  with or without box-$.50

Dell: with or without box-$.50

HP: with or without box-$.50

Lexmark: with or without box-$.50 

Xerox: with or without box-$.50 

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________To qualify for Payment follow the program requirements by choosing  1 of the 2 options 

1)  25 or more items per box from our QUALIFYING PRICE LISTS

For example: 5 NEW Laser Toners + 5 NEW Inkjets + 14 USED inkjets  + 1 Laptop = 25 Items 

 2) $50.00 or more in products  per box from our QUALIFYING PRICE LISTS

*We do not pay for or accept new remanufactured cartridges. PLEASE DO NOT SEND

Nov 18 2018