We purchase New Unused Laser Toner Cartridges

                        We pay for New Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brand                                                              toners for the box colors listed by the pricing below. 

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   Pricing for Sealed in Original Box                         
                                                                                                                           Feb 21-2020

>Brother: Box Color-Dark Blue with White $3.00             

>Canon: Box Color- White with Dark Red$3.00

>Dell: ALL box colors-$2.00

>HP: Black with White Box or  All White Box$5.00  Dual Packs for same box colors-$8.00

>HP Light Blue with white Box $0

Lexmark: Black box-$2.00 

  >Damage Box Grade B-  All brands listed above we pay $.50 (Grade B: Minor imperfections, holes, excess labels or writing, stains)           

 >Cartridges must be SEALED in Original Manufacturer Box!   


 We accept Toners up to seven years past the expiration date found on the lower left hand corner of the toner box. The first digit is the year.

To qualify for Payment follow the program requirements by choosing 1 of the shipping options below: 

1) 25 or more combined items per box from our QUALIFYING PRICE LISTS

  For example: 5 NEW Laser Toners + 5 NEW Inkjets + 14 USED inkjets  + 1 Laptop = 25 Item

  2) $50.00 or more in products per box from our combined QUALIFYING PRICE LISTS

  3) If sending only new sealed box toners, please ship 6 or more per box whenever possible

 *We do not pay for or accept new remanufactured/replacement cartridgesPLEASE DO NOT SEND