Recycling Advantage Environmental Policy

As an environmental steward, Recycling Advantage a division of Advantage Cartridge Recycling is committed to recycling all incoming materials in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Mission Statement

Advantage Cartridge Recycling makes a difference by partnering with the global community to raise awareness and reduce the amount of electronic waste going into our landfills. Our mission is accomplished by working with schools and “not for profit” organizations in fundraising activities which collect recyclable materials. We also work with private and public sector enterprises in identifying and collecting waste materials for recycling and re-purposing. Through these efforts, Advantage Cartridge Recycling, helps reduce the global impact such waste has on our environment and future generations.

Responsible Recycling Practices

Recycling Advantage Environmental Policy

Empty Printer Cartridge Recycling

Each of the empty laser toner and inkjet cartridges received in our facility is rigorously inspected against leading industry standards of quality.  The inspection process is used to determine whether incoming printer cartridges are damaged or can then be sent for remanufacturing and eventual reuse. Damaged and previously remanufactured printer cartridges are sent to a downstream processing facility to be separated by materials for end-of-life recycling.


Recycling Advantage Environmental Policy

Used Cell Phones and Electronics Recycling

Using policy and procedures that have been developed through years of experience, every cell phone and electronic device brought into our facility is inspected for damage and possible reuse.  All sensitive data received by Advantage Cartridge Recycling is erased using Department of Defense standards or destroyed during the recycling process.


Recycling Advantage Environment Policy Improvement

Continued Improvement

In an effort to develop our environmental policy, Advantage Cartridge Recycling is continually evaluating means to improve our policies and procedures to minimize the environmental risks to our community, by reducing waste going to landfills, decreasing energy consumption, engaging in personal sustainability practices, and developing partnerships with like minded organizations.

IDEM – Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Advantage Cartridge Recycling was listed as one of first registered collection location and recycling location of electronics waste through the E-Cycle Indiana program established by the Indiana E-Waste Law (IC 13-20.5).  The goal of this law was to reduce the amount of electronics entering landfills and ensuring the responsible disposal of the hazardous materials found in electronic waste.