General Questions

How do I get started with Recycling Advantage?
Simply fill out the quick registration form.
How can I become a Recycling Advantage partner?
ANY ONE, including any individual, business, school, non-profit, PTA/PTO, club, hospital, benefit, group, troop, really any one, in the contiguous United States.
Can I become a recycling advantage partner if I will be shipping from outside the contiguous United States?
Recycling Advantage offers its FREE shipping program to its partners within the contiguous United States.  Organizations located outside of the contiguous United States are welcome to provide their own means of shipping.
What does it cost to participate?
NOTHING! Recycling Advantage is free!  No start up costs, free shipping, and free collection and marketing materials.
How can I increase my earnings?
Check out our Fundraising Tips for more information on how to improve your recycling earnings.
Is there a time limit on my account?
To keep your account active, 1 qualified shipment needs to be sent within a 12 month calendar year. If no shipments have been sent after 12 months, you will be notified by our customer service team to inquire if you are still actively collecting.
I am no longer able to log in to my account database.
Great news!  For your convenience you no longer need to log in to check your account records.  You will be emailed when we receive your recycling shipment.  Coming soon, we will be emailing your recycling earnings as well.


What electronics does Recycling Advantage recycle?
We pay for empty laser toner and inkjet cartridges, new unused inkjet and laser toner cartridges and cell phones and laptops.  See Qualifying Price List for specific cartridge model numbers.
Do you accept all printer cartridges?
We pay for many OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer, laser toner and inkjet cartridges. We do pay for a limited quantity of remanufactured inkjet cartridges (listed on the bottom of the inkjet pricelist), however we do not pay for ANY re-manufactured, compatible, or office store brand laser toners. Please DO NOT SEND toner tubes, bottles, ribbons, or re-manufactured/compatible laser toner cartridges or laser toners and inkjets that are not on our pricelist.  See How to Identify Remanufactured Laser Toners for more information.
How do I recycle the printer cartridges that are not on your qualifying price lists?
Local disposal of non-reusable printer cartridges provides the most eco-friendly option for disposal by reducing transportation pollution and packaging materials. Check for local disposal options.
Do you accept all cell phones and accessories?
Yes, we pay for all cell phones. Chargers and other accessories are welcome with qualified orders, but are not required for payment. See the Cell Phone Price List.
Do you accept all laptops?
Yes, we recycle all laptops whether or not specified on our qualifying price list. However if not listed specifically on the qualifying price list, they must be included with a shipment that meets one of the 20 items/20 pounds of items minimum shipping requirements. See the Qualifying Price List.
How do you recycle the electronics you receive?
See our Environmental Policy for specifics on our responsible recycling practices.
I have over 200 laser toners. Do you have a way to ship these via a freight company?
Yes. See our High Volume Electronics Recycling for contact information.
We have recently replaced a large quantity of technology, do you recycle large amounts of laptops or cell phones?
Yes, see our High Volume Electronics Recycling to receive a free custom quote.


What do you charge for shipping?
Recycling Advantage provides FREE shipping as long as the shipping guidelines are met. We simply ask that you send at least 25 qualified items or $50.00 in value per box using 1 label and follow the shipping guidelines of size and weight. If box is over our size or weight limits and UPS charges for over-sized or over-weight packages, the fee of $55.00 will be deducted from your recycling earnings.
How many items do I need to collect before shipping?
In order to provide FREE shipping, we ask that you send at least 20 qualified items or 20 to 65 pounds of qualified items in each box using 1 shipping label.
How do I ship?


When should I expect my payment?
Around 30 days from the date Advantage receives your shipment, a check and an itemized purchase order and shipping labels will be issued for your qualified printer cartridges and electronics.
Is there a minimum amount in order for payment to be issued?
Yes.  Payment will not be made for shipments under $10.00 in qualifying product.
When do your prices change?
Due to industry pricing fluctuations, our pricing usually changes within the first two weeks of each month.  The pricing applied to your order is based on the price list that is online when your shipment is received in our facility.