Recycling Fundraiser FAQ

General Questions

How do I get started with Recycling Advantage?

Who can become a Recycling Advantage partner?

Can I become a Recycling Advantage partner if I will be shipping from outside the contiguous United States?

What does it cost to participate?

How can I increase my earnings?

Is there a time limit on my account?

I had an account on, but when I try to login it says ERROR?


What electronics does Recycling Advantage recycle?

Do you accept all printer cartridges?

How do I recycle the printer cartridges that are not on your qualifying price lists?

Do you accept all cell phones and accessories?

Do you accept all laptops, iPads/Tablets, and/or iPods/MP3 players?

How do you recycle the electronics you receive?

I have over 200 laser toners, do you have a way to ship these via a freight company?

We have recently replaced a large quantity of technology, do you recycle large amounts of laptops, tablets, or cell phones?


What do you charge for Shipping?

How many items do I need to collect before shipping?

How do I ship?


When should I expect my payment?

Is there a minimum amount for payment to be issued?

When do your prices change?

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