Tech Repurpose, High volume Buy back program


                     tech Repurpose/High volumes 

 EARN money by selling your unwanted it equipment. This program is seperate from our Recycling Advantage program but can work in conjunction with it but in higher volumes

we will purchase YOur  old Laptops, computers, cell phones, Empty Laser toners and servers. Use the money to lower the cost of buying new, with the peace of mind that your old equipment will be recycled properly.  

list your items on the form or call to get started. 


  *25 or more I series.                                                  *100 or more core 2 or older


  *50 or more I series.

  *400 or more core 2 or older.

  servers– Data Center Recycling


*30 or more 

  Empty Laser Toners

  *100 or more on price list 

  cell phones– 

  *50 or more (.20 paid per phone)



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