Shipping Guidelines

Please use the Recycling Advantage shipping guidelines to package your printer cartridge and electronics recycling shipment.

In order to qualify for the recycling Advantage Program and receive payment and free shipping please follow these requirements:

 Collect 20 or more items or 20-65 lbs. of inkjets and toners from the New Unused and Empty Inkjet and Laser Toner

Click on the Qualifying Price Lists below:

For Example:  10 Inkjets + 5 Laser Toners + 1 New Unused Laser Toner + 4 New Unused Inkjets = 20 Combined Items in 1 box using 1 label

   New Unused Laser Toners and Inkjets


 Purchase Printer Cartridges



$$ Payments will not be made for orders under $10.00 so please hold items for shipping until you reach $10.00 in product from the qualifying pricelists.

PLEASE NOTE: Cell phones and Laptops are paid for but do not qualify to be counted toward the required shipping minimums.

Packing Instructions

Step 1. Shipping Box

 Dimesional Recycling Shipment Box
Use a sturdy box appropriate in size to the product you are shipping and fill box completely full with product and packing material.
  • Box size not to exceed 75 combined inches when adding.
  • Longest part of box not to exceed 48 inches.
  • Package should weigh no more than 65 lb.

Step 2. Qualifying Price List

Electronics Recycling Shipment Return Form

    • When sending more than one type of recyclable, try packing the smaller items in a separate container inside your shipping box to further protect from damage.



Toner Tube

Toner Tubes

Toner Bottle

Toner Bottles

Also, please do not send Laser Toners and Inkjets that are not on pricelist.

Step 3. Bubble Wrap or Newspaper

Recycling Shipment Packing Materials
Use newspaper, bubble wrap, or light-weight packing material to protect your shipment from damage because we cannot pay for damaged items.

Step 4. Packing Tape

Recycling Shipment Packing Tape
Use packing tape to securely seal the shipping box.

Step 5. FREE Shipping Label

Electronics Recycling Shipment Label
Attach one pre-paid UPS shipping label to the outside of your shipping box.  Place box in your regular UPS pick up area or deliver to any UPS drop-off location and request a receipt.

      • Please disregard the 6 lb. weight on label.  UPS will reweigh the package.
      • *DO NOT call UPS to have your shipment picked up as there is a mandatory fee which will not be reimbursed or waived.

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