Thank You For Choosing Recycling Advantage

Check Your Email Inbox and Spam Inbox For Instructions

If you are having trouble email us at; or give us a call at (260) 438-5212

Follow Our Simple Process

1. COLLECT Set up a collection location and receptacle/Box .

2. Promote your programThe key to success is raising awareness of your program. Let everyone know that you are raising funds by letting the people below to help. Send and Email, text, or add a blurb on your website, or newsletter letting everyone know.

. Staff

. Members and Students

. Friends & Family

3WEBSITE– It is a great idea to add our website link in the blurb, so they can check the types of items to bring for recycling. If you ad our link to your website, we will add $20.00 to your order.

Example (“We are recycling to help our environment and to raise funds for our programs”).

· Distribute and post flyers to spread the word. We provide a flyer template to edit, post, distribute and place on your collection receptacle. Box signs, flyers and newsletter samples are located at :

4. Check pricelists to see if your items are on the list.

Used Inkjet Cartridges and Laptops:

5. Ship Qualified Items

All you need to qualify for the FREE shipping program and payment is to send $25.00 or more in product from our Qualifying Pricelists.

  • Request a free shipping label-
  • A FREE UPS return label will be emailed to you.
  • We will inspect your items and send you your money

We encourage you to reach out with any questions. Your success and satisfaction is important to us!

Please save this email as a helpful reference.

Your Partners at Recycling Advantage!